Kaleidoscope kit components.
Kaleidoscope assembly diagram.
Example view through assembled kaleidoscope.

DIY Kaleidoscope Kit

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Comes with everything you need to make a kaleidoscope in 45 minutes, and the ability to re-make your scope with new visuals over and over again. Every kit includes the materials, instructions, bag for travel, and Thea Marshall’s meticulously curated optimal original videnda blend.

THIS IS THE COOLEST THING! Becky (co-owner of Shift+Wheeler) here with a personal testimonial: I put one of these together with a friend one night over a bottle of wine, and it was an incredibly fun experience! We got a little lost at one point but just looked up the how-to video on our phone and got back on track. Truly a delightful experience and I love that you can easily put different pieces of glass, beads, and other found objects to make it ever-changing, and truly your own. 

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