Shift + Wheeler

Shift + Wheeler is a workshop and showroom featuring the work of makers/designers Nick Wheeler and Becky Tonkin in Astoria, Oregon. We make durable waxed canvas bags and natural fiber clothing for fats and queers and everyone else, too! If it doesn't fit, we'll make one that does. 

We also carry a selection of products and gifts from other makers and artists that we love! We're located in the historic YMCA building, at 1217 Exchange St. 

Thick as Thieves

We started out vending together at the Astoria Sunday Market in 2016. Our businesses (and our partnership) were in their infancy. After four years of markets and craft shows, we were able to move from our individual studios into a shared studio in the historic YMCA building in downtown Astoria, Oregon. A year later, in 2021, we combined our two lines into one business. 

About Nick (he/him, they/them)

I don't remember when I learned to sew. It was when I was very young, to be sure. My dad ran a canvas shop (making mostly custom boat covers and tents) out of our basement, and later a shop behind our house. The first year I worked for him I earned $4 an hour, each year afterwards I earned a dollar an hour more. Dad says that every time I got a new hobby I'd make a new bag for myself to carry all of my supplies. 

As an adult I started designing quilts, clothes, and bags as a way to step away from the computer at the end of my work days as a graphic designer. 

I hope my bags are useful and beautiful items that will last you for many years. It's my pleasure to make one for you. 


About Becky (she/her)

Sewing and fiber arts were always part of the culture of my home life, with my mom and my two grandmothers very actively making clothing, home accessories, weaving, rug making, embroidery, and other needle work. It feels only natural to do these things as well. 

I received a BA in Apparel Design from Oregon State University, but quickly became disillusioned with the activewear scene, which is what the professional apparel industry is centered on here in the Pacific Northwest. After a decade of other work in museums and retail, I came back to sewing when I realized that the things I wanted to sew and wear, other people wanted, too.

My focus remains as it did when I first began Shift 5 years ago: Emphasis on plus sizes and easy, simple garments in natural fiber fabrics.