Oh, Hello!

At Shift + Wheeler we are on a mission to design and make stylish and durable clothing and bags for underrepresented groups, made by and for fat people and queer people. We use primarily biodegradable materials and we provide a shopping and gathering space in our small town and our larger web community for fat and queer folks to feel free, empowered, seen, and fashionable!

Allow us to introduce ourselves

Shift + Wheeler is a workshop and showroom featuring the work of makers/designers Nick Wheeler and Becky Tonkin in Astoria, Oregon. We make durable waxed canvas bags and natural fiber clothing for fats and queers and everyone else, too!

We also carry a selection of products and gifts from other makers and artists that we love!

We started out vending together at the Astoria Sunday Market in 2016. Our businesses (and our partnership) were in their infancy. After four years of markets and craft shows, we were able to move from our individual studios into a shared studio in the historic YMCA building in downtown Astoria, Oregon. A year later, in 2021, we combined our two lines into one business. In 2024, we moved to our current location on Marine Drive in Downtown Astoria.

  • About Nick (he/him, they/them)

    Nick is the big technical brain behind Shift + Wheeler. His mastery of all things around machines continues to elevate our brand, taking us in new directions and helping us work smarter. With an academic background in Graphic Design, he is behind our branding and a lot of product development (have you seen our new embroidery designs!?) He learned to sew on industrial machines from his father, who sews canvas boat covers and accessories. Nick’s sewing precision and design eye translated perfectly to bags, and he’s recently added rain gear to the roster. Always aiming high, Nick is truly the engine that keeps S+W going.

  • About Becky (she/her)

    Becky brings heart, skill and style to the Shift + Wheeler team. She learned to sew from her Mom when she was young (thanks for all the clothes, Nan!), and has a degree in apparel design from Oregon State University. She has a ton of retail and floral experience, which is evident to anyone who visits our showroom! She started her clothing line because she could never find the right clothes for her body. She’s got a knack for making clothes that fit a variety of body types. And her love of natural fibers and discerning eye for fabrics is the backbone of our business!

  • Sara (she/her)

    Sara is an exceptional sewer and patternmaker. She has a lifetime of experience sewing for Big Whigs like Nike and Columbia. We're lucky she decided to work with 'lil ole us.

  • Shannon (she/her)

    Shannon is an avid craftsperson and artist. When she's not laying down perfect stitches at Shift + Wheeler, she hand dyes wool for yarn spinners.

    Shop Shannon's wool