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Elbow Shirt

Elbow Shirt

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I wanted to make a shirt with elbow patches, but I also wanted to make a 3/4 sleeve, so it's a funny 3/4 patch! Elbow Shirt! Depending on your height or torso length, this dolman-sleeve shirt is a little cropped or a lot cropped. There was a time when people ordered this shirt to fit, but lately oversized has been the deal. Measurements are of the garment itself so you can figure out how you want it to fit. Please contact us with ANY fit questions! 

Ultramarine Blue with golden patches. 100% linen, this batch is very soft and won’t need any breaking in!! (It was raining when we took the pics… it doesn’t come with spots!)

Model is 5'1" and wears a commercial size 22/24. Pictured wearing the 2xl. 

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