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Evergreen Suspender Dress

Evergreen Suspender Dress

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This is a pinafore style dress, comes to knees or just above knees on most people and is great for layering.

Fabric notes: this 100% cotton 8oz brushed canvas is sturdy AF and soft like suede on the outside. Comes with black suspenders. As always, wash cold, hang dry, and iron hot.

See below for sizes. Catherine is wearing a size XL, is around 5’7” and wears a “standard size” 16/18. Measurements are of the garment itself so you can figure out how you want it to fit. Please contact us with ANY fit questions! 

PLEASE NOTE: On size chart, A = High Waist, B = Hip, and C = Skirt Length 

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Customer Reviews

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quinn hairston

I love these dresses. I got a green one and a black one. They fit my body great. the pockets are so deep i can fit an entire full sized snack box inside and still look stylish. I love this shop and everything i have purchased from here is designed and made so well.

Stacey Wescott
Evergreen Suspender Dress

Absolute perfection. Size is right on. Fabric is just the right weight. I plan to wear this over my wool dresses. Super happy.

First dress I've bought in years and it DELIVERED

I've been on a Gender Journey for a few years now and as a person with a very AFAB body (though I'm post top surgery now yay), I've shied away from anything that might feminize my look. But every time I looked at this dress, I just loved it, so I decided to take a chance on it.

I AM SO HAPPY IN IT!! I love that the fabric feels both substantial (I can tell it'll hold up to my wear and tear) but light. I think this could be a wonderful option for folks with sensory issues because it almost feels like wearing nothing because of how it hangs from the suspenders.

Also, can we talk about the suspenders??? I love that the suspenders and the fabric balance out the dress silhouette of this piece, and I'd call it a big nonbinary win. I love wearing my comfortable T-shirts underneath it and leggings when it's colder, and I can't wait to swap out different suspender designs. Also, I can fit some real big books in those pockets.

There is no better dress

I have this dress in almost every color that Becky has made in the last year and will keep getting new colors as long as she makes them! You'll see this same review for the other suspender dress colors that I have.
I can not rave enough about this dress.

1st - It is adorable. Just a fun, good looking cut and pattern.

2nd - This dress literally looks good on everyone I have ever seen wear it. Literally. Regardless of size, shape, age, gender, non-gender, height, whatever!

3rd - There are suspender options in addition to those that come with the dress! You can switch out between dresses! Mix and Match!

4th - The pockets are a miracle and a wonder. How can they be big enough to carry my phone(s), a notebook and pen, keys, temp gun, measuring tape, and whatever I pick up during a store audit but not look like I have a sack sewn on the front? Seriously this dress doesn't just have pockets, it has POCKETS.

5TH - They are super versatile. You can wear as a dress, as a tunic, as an apron/smock. Layer them over other dresses, wear with jeans, options abound.

6th - There a multiple colors and more are always coming (or coming back sometimes)!

Basically, stop reading this a buy it, you'll be so happy.

The whole fam has one

I am one of six sisters of varying body types and sizes, and I purchased this dress for all of us (three got the black denim and luv!!!!) and we couldn’t be happier!! Group photo to follow when we can all be together!!

Awwwww that's awesome! Thanks so much!