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Patch Sweatshirt

Patch Sweatshirt

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We've embellished an altered athletic cut sweatshirt with a mix of our fabrics and vintage quilt squares to make a casual cool-weather cozy everyday sweatshirt. The neck and bottom band usually found on these styles have been cut off, reinforced at the seams, and allowed to gently roll, as knits do. 

All patches are cut from the same cloth but are different, pick your size to see exactly what your patch looks like, it'll show at the top of the page.

Sweatshirt: 60% recycled cotton, 40% recycled polyester
Patch: linen, cotton, and some unknown vintage fabric (perhaps rayon) - all sturdy. All pieces prewashed post patchwork application. 

These sweatshirts are straight up and down. The chest circumference is the same as the circumference at the bottom.

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