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S+W Waxed Canvas Work Jacket

S+W Waxed Canvas Work Jacket

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This lightweight waxed canvas work jacket is rugged as heck while being super stylish and handsome. Sure, it keeps the rain and wind off but also protects you while you’re doing yard work, woodwork or any tough activity. Or just strolling around town looking cute! A classic style that will last forever. 

Fits like our Waxed Canvas Rain Jacket, but with a collar instead of a hood, and apron pockets. 

This garment is oversized, to accommodate the things we wear under jackets (bulky sweaters, layers). Please refer to the sizes listed as a best suggestion, and read the measurements carefully. All measurements listed are for the GARMENT, not your body! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us. 

Made of 8 oz. waxed canvas. Four open front pockets at the bottom and one snap pocket with pencil holder up top. 

Nick is wearing the Large. He's 6'2" and wears a mens Large or XL. 




Waxed canvas is known to age beautifully and patina over time. This is especially noticeable and happens more quickly with lighter colors such as yellow. 

Cleaning Waxed Canvas

Brush off dirt or sand. Use a clean sponge or brush to gently massage small spots with cold water and a drop of mild soap. Rinse with cold water. Let the bag air dry. Do not use warm or hot water, laundry detergent, traditional washing, or dry cleaning.


To maintain the water resistance of your item, you may choose to re-wax in a year or two, depending on how much you use it.  Use canvas wax according to package instructions. 

Watch a demonstration video on TikTok or Instagram.

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